The Academy of Coaching and NLP (ACN)

We are an ICF approved international coach training company and our mission is to change the world through coaching. We believe that coaching people to achieve their greatest dreams and become their best selves creates a ripple effect of positive change in the world. Our coach training faculty enjoys creating ripples of change worldwide.

ACN offers you a mentoring approach to coach training to guide you on your unique path to becoming a successful life, business or executive coach. Our programs will open the world of coaching to you–excellent courses taught by top international renowned trainers, guidance through the credentialing process, and all the hands-on tools to help start and build your business. Our trainings are fun interactive learning experiences that allow our students to really get coaching in their bones by locking in learning on a visual, auditory and kinesthetic level. Our holistic training model changes student’s lives on the pathway to credentialing.

We combine coaching with an exciting breakthrough coaching modality called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). Neuro-linguistic programming refers to the neurological processes (‘neuro’) language (‘linguistic’) and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience (‘programming’) and can be organized to support you and your clients achieving specific goals in your life.

Our faculty members have all built successful coaching and training businesses, and they’ll show you how, too. You will enjoy learning through many different teaching and coaching styles which will assist you in developing your own unique blend of coaching.

Whether you want to add a coaching element to your current business, to change careers and coach full time, to become ICF credentialed, coach executives  internationally, coach yourself and others towards greater personal growth and create amazing changes through the power of coaching and NLP in their personal and professional lives—ACN is your trusted mentor and guide every step of the way.

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